Ti Aspetto Qui [I’ll wait here]
[ Photography ]

~ At a young age, I was encouraged to walk in the mountain, find the path where there wasn't any o stick into the pre-existing one when it was risky. It was a constant education to break and adhere to rules. As in the mountain environment, making mistakes could be easier than standard. The only way to decide what to do is observing, being watchful, and coming back if necessary. Walking in mountain teach how to live and move everywhere else.

Ti Aspetto Qui [ I’ll wait here ]
I have made this project during a walk in the mountains. This place should be located somewhere in the Alps, at the (non) border between French and Italy. I have been once, but I can't find it on the map. This place could be everywhere.
My intention with this project is to highlight the sense of disorientation within an ecosystem in order to delete any types of borders between humans and nature, humans and humans, and human and political divisions. The role of nature and the landscapes itself confirm the countries borders is just a political invention of the control system that we can't find in nature. Within the sense of the disorientation and the loss, in the chaos of nature, we could understand it.
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printed on recycled paper