︎︎About me

I am an observer hiker of the contemporary and an everyday rambler.

My work navigates the line between global issues and poetics.
In the current climate, where the financial crisis, climate change, pandemics, unemployment, homelessness, food security, and wars are still having a profound impact on our lives, I feel the urgency to think about these issues, often hidden or misrepresented in the official channel.

I employ art as a lens to discover and enhance the awareness of the present.
Most of my projects develop with the personal experience of living within various contexts. Having engaged subjects as diverse as civil movements, volunteering, reading, and traveling, my work investigates topics like poverty, human conditions, urbanism, architecture, identity, home, ecology, and nature.

At a young age, I was encouraged to walk, travel and observe the global ecosystems and embrace the diversities that populate them. I have spent several winters abroad with my granma on the Atlantic coast where I used to play with a lot of kids from all over the world without having a common language and defined values.
As an adult, and through my work, I’ve embraced all the past experience and incorporated it into the present ones and consequently into the work. By the time, the empirical approach leads to building up a structured operational model.

While I use a variety of materials in each project, processes and methodology are consistent. Often starts with the physical exploration of the site or personally comes across directly with the topic. The curiosity generated by both these situations take me deep into the topic
and acquiring all available information. As interviewing people, reading relevant documents, consulting communities and social groups, or even attending events, among many others.
Some project often consists of multiple works, sometimes in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

My work ranges from photography to short movies, from poetry to drawing  illustration and ceramic, from workshops and reading groups to activating a terracotta studio in Ethiopia empowering and emancipating local ceramists.

Art remains a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas and how we position ourselves in the community and the globe.
The gaze we nourish observing and listening is a political factor that determinates our consciousness, and choices. Art practice is the medium to deepen issues, query some questions concern the ecosystems we share, and live truthfully.

I have no grand illusions that art will create a revolution in the traditional sense of radical change in the present, or determinate a utopian future. The powerful changes it can make in an individual. Just one new idea can change a persons’ perception. The world may not change in an instant by art, but it’s slow and insipid spread into the active part of our brains who actively listen, see, lives to tell the tale.

I believe if we would change anything in something better, we need poetry. As it could be very powerful.

Would be good to travel from a place to another without specify any identity as the only one we have is the human one.