The Summer Utopia
[ Photography ]

During the last 20 years, going abroad for vacation getting more accessible. This was possible thanks to low cost flights and last-minute holidays, amongs other factors. Moreover, tourists who used to spend their holiday domestically, nowadays prefer to reach the warmer and exotic destinations abroad. This takes to the abandonment and the decay of those places, the housing coast decreased dramatically and the entire ecosystem is left to its mercy of fate and storms and hurricanes that hit the coast over the years. Nowdays these places are mostly uninhabited or squatted. The full functional buildings are mostly home-cares or dismissed bungalows.

The Summer Utopia is a project that physically explores those former summer destinations by walking and observing.
In the course of walking and exploring places, I find myself fascinated by the glory of the past and the decadence of the present. What attracted me at most is the utopian intentions and directions behind the political and economical of the past and how these choices are impacting the present.
I like to observe the former glory embodied in the ruins of the present and try to understand the history about it. I like stop locals in the street and ask about it, informally interview them abou the aftermaths of the political investments and promises of the past and how we see their functionalities in the present. This is what I love to know, but sometimes, meeting the wrong person force me to run away; but this is another story!︎
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printed on recycled paper