The Iron Lady Portrait
2009 -2012
[ Photography ] 

By this photographic series, I explored London from a power perspective.
To do that, I challenge the security system in place by the use of the weapons of humanity and dialogue.
Unless, as a free person, I could not have been able to photograph the soldiers and the estate in this way. Especially where High security and Hyper Control are under-strength surveillance.
In the crowd of tourists, I approach one soldier for a few weeks and start to talk to him. I use the voice, he uses the eyes movement.
Clarence House, the soldiers are quiet. As they are on a secondary entrance they sometimes talk one each other. I start a general conversation until they sync their rituals with my shooting.
The Heygate Estate, after evacuating for demolishing, was completely locked. I have access to one of the platforms in Elephant Castle station when the railway was closed for engineering works.
︎Spec - Tech * printed on recycled paper ︎︎︎ flexible