Pippa’s Bogie
[ Video 12’ ] HDV

Pippa's Bogie is a film about an empty building set in a town upon Lake Como. It should have been an innovative commercial area in the center of the town, but due to the high rise in price and the financial crisis, this building remains unused I walked across this place a lot of times and always feel lost by the sense of emptiness this building radiates.
With a particular focus on architecture as a sculpture, I decided to invest my attention in the semi-functionality of this building and its relation with the human and material landscapes around it.
Between, poetry and politics, utopia and reality, my gaze experience it as a ship adrift in an unwell planned landscape. Where historical buildings were demolished, ancient art was barbarously destroyed for the semi-new.
The sound is mixed and juxtaposition of tracks kept as recorded or elaborated concretely to make a potential ship noise from an old harbor.
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