What is home for you?
[ Workshop - A’book]
I have spent the Summer of 2009 at my sister's comune in Addis Ababa. At the time her social development project was about empowering young homeless, less than 16, to build their future, through study or make a profession.
The book below is made during a workshop I run in Addis Ababa, where I have asked to a group of street children to sketch out their house.
I was annoyed by the project - system in place and I was felt excluded by some western social workers. Instead of wasting my time debating, I became friends with the kids the street children, and learn from their stories how to survive or how to be in solidarity with my friends, even learn how to play badminton or still a wallet from a passenger’s pocket.
In exchange, I held a few drawings workshops to share with them some sketching tips.

︎What is home for you? Draw your home.
During this workshop, I have asked to draw the home. I have introduced the workshop explain to them the difference between homes and houses. A house is a building for human habitation, whereas a home is a place in which one's domestic affections are centered and could be anything and anywhere.
The result of the workshop is a series of drawings that shows clearly the concept of home. I found very interesting the different approaches to the representations of the spaces and a genuine adoption of the visual conventions and symbols.
︎Spec - Tech
printed on recycled paper