[ Video 3’50” ] FHD

This short movie is about the story of old musician called Tim who spent almost of his life in the street of London, blowing in a traffic cone as a musical instrument.
I personally do not know anything about Tim's background and reasons why he is doing it. However, he take me to link him to the myth of Orpheus & Euridice and glimpse through the sound he produce to the Orpheus's character at the part of the story where he lost Euridice forever and he start to peregrinate playing music.
The focus of this project is the soundtrack, the pivot in which all the other element are anchored.
It is produced by Tim that he blowing in a traffic cone picked up directly from road construction, and authentically record on the Waterloo Bridge right-hand side footpath.

Initially this work was thought as a short documentary based purely on the observation of the landscape. with the intention to highlight the relationship between human being and an abandoned area and try to analyse how to transform a temporary place in a permanent home. By the time other elements, in a sort of unplanned process were added to it, as the fictional side (left hand side part) where a non-professional actress improvise a walk along the line with her bike, to nowhere.

In the course of doing all this, I continually find that this project enables me to explore a transitory and deprived area of the town of Milan and enhance the awareness of the human condition at the edge, almost ignored and marginalized from the rest of the town.

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