Catherine Wheel
/ Razing a mountain
[ Video 9’ ] FHD

As in cities and towns, we are experiencing gentrification, in the rural ecosystems, upon pre-Alps and lakes, we are assisting the massive and the utopian process of razing a mountain.
At the time of the financial crunch, an ambitious construction company is razing a mountain in order to create spaces for brand-new development as golf camps, tennis courts, and buildings.
As this fact is happening to the mountain (1241 mt) just straight - out of my home's window in Italy, it urges me to talk about it and enhance the awareness of the denaturation of the natural ecosystem for unnecessary artificial and non-sustainable constructions that will irrevocably damage the landscapes.

Catherine Wheel entirely made from the balcony of my home except for some parts recorded from the mountain's peak and it has been produced with the intention to make a portrait of the mountain before its final end. A commemoration and a celebration of the mountain and the entire landscapes in which I grew up.

Mostly long sequence shots, to observing the conflict between the sublime aspect of the nature and the human intervention over the environment. The fixed sequences of the quarry, highlight the human inner conflict between the denaturation of the mountain and the shame of his action, hiding it by trees, a plantation, and a fake garden.
According to engineers and specialists I had informally interviewed, this plantation could easily collapse and slide down also in case of a  mild flood.
For this reason, I have focused on weather and climate changes combining multiple conditions and blurred the seasons or at least the standard conventions we identify them.

I know very well this mountain, I have walked along all paths and traced a few. I have walked out of any path from the top to the bottom. I lost few time as well.
Catherine Wheel is the name of the acrobat fly by paraglider at the end of the film
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