Photography ]
I started photographing people in their ecosystem when I was 14-15 years old. I used to take trains to Milan on Sunday morning to explore the deprived suburbs of the closest biggest city near my hometown.
I was curious about the suburbs and its social causes, I was keen to walk around, I was interested to understand the relationship among humans, the environment, and the time and space. This made me produce photographs series, mostly black and white, mostly with people in the action of waiting; waiting for a bus, as for a car lift, for a friends, for money, for a job or for the end of the day. Waiting for the day after, maybe much better.
A few years later, I took part in a few performing classes and came across with live performances and text such as Peter Brook and Marie-Helene Estienne's Battlefield, as Living Theatre's Paradise now, as Antonine Artaud' Theatre of cruelty and the Theatre and its double and Jean Jenet's Le bonnes among many others.

These two experiences lead me to observe and re-visit the urban environments and their agents as a performance that does not necessarily happen on a stage by actors but everywhere by anyone, where the theatrical scene is a purely daily reality.
Cruel or beautiful, easy or hopeless, life is, in any case, a battlefield for asserting itself and getting a own space in this world and be free.

Battlefield is a project, aims to translate human conditions of the metropolis into performances. As it happens in the Theatre of Cruelty, this project would enhance the awareness of the humanitarian crisis as an emergency problem we are all facing nowadays in our cities.
People are portraits in the public and transitory space, often temporarily occupied for living or exercise activities. Like actors on a stage, they are illuminated and isolated, and the focus is straight into the scene.
As typical as in the improvisation and devising theatre, the agents tell something about themselves by minimal and spontaneus gestures without adding any unnecessary layer to the plot.

In the course of doing all this, I continually find that this project enables me to look at reality from multiple perspectives at the same time, I hope to enhance awareness of the human conditions and emergencies rising up in towns and suburbs.
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printed on recycled paper