The Alps ^
Semi-functional Pots
[ Ceramics, Sculptures ]

The Alps^ semi-functional-pots is a way to re-thinking and re-elaborate the walk experience of my former life with my dad. It involves the construction of semi-functional objects for evoking the mountains and the entire ecosystem where I grew up.

At a young age, I was encouraged to observe the landscapes and walk along undefined and wild paths or even build my own. As an adult, and through my work as an artist and more recently as a designer I’ve embraces this practice and incorporate it into art and design projects and sometimes in their development. This has lead to analyzing the relationship between me and the reality around me.

Recent ceramic sculptures have taken the form of semi-functional objects such as vases, bottles, or bowls. I use crank clay combining sometimes with methods of hand-building, pinch, and mold to create objects that reveal the tactile and natural qualities and texture present in nature.
For this works, the method of coiling, could be considered also, a form of inner dialogue in building up on the sense of the existence.